Towards Jersey

For the first time EMHF (the European and Mediterranean Horseracing Federation) will have a meeting at the Channel Islands, in Jersey.

On Tuesday the Board, the Executive Council of EMHF, will meet in St Helier, the Capital of the Channel Islands.

The participants will be greeted welcome by Jonathan Perrée, the representative of the Channel Island Racing & Hunt Club.

The agenda, as always well prepared by the Secretary General Paull Khan, contains 12 items. Among them are reports of regulatory matters, of harmonisation issues and of cooperation with other EuroMed organisations.

There will also be sincere discussions about the members that have serioius problems with their racing, such as Austria, Libya, Portugal and Lebanon.

Of course there will be a lot of talk of Brexit, how it affects racing.

On Monday evening the Board members will attend the races at Les Landes, the racecourse, that this writer attended already in 1999, a cold June evening.

On the pictures below you can see the long run in at Les Landes and also the race card from that evening.

An eighteen years younger writer – together with a god son – might underline the flight of time.

Jersey 1999 001