What happened in Sweden last time?

Don’t ask a foreign president (you know he who twittered about something in Sweden he didn’t know of – often). Ask me.

I was there att the General Assembly Meeting of EMHF (European and Mediterranean Horseracing Federation). It took place in a nice rural environment, not far from the new racing venue Bro Park.

There was a record attendance. 20 member countries were represented. Among them was the new member Greece which made an interesting presentation of what seems to be a promising renewal of horse racing in the country.

The situation of the members that were missing at the meeting was thoroughly discussed. But in countries as Ukraine, Libya and Lebanon there are other ossues on the agenda. And in Austria thoroughbred racing is almost extinct. Which is a great pity.

Two new board members were elected. Both were women, but hopefully will make some impression in the very male dominated racing world. The new members are Martina  Krejci from the Czech Republic and Helena Gärtner from Sweden.

At the meeting Bo Helander presented the European Federation of Thoroughbred Breeders Association, with which EMHF has started to cooperate. There was also a presentation from Yves Bonnaire of the work of the European Horserace Scientific Liaison Committee.

The meeting was as always chaired by Brian Kavanagh from Horseracing Ireland, well assisted by the Secretary General Paull Khan.

In the evening the delegates visited the 1000 and 2000 meeting at Bro Park. Some of them assisted in the prize ceremonies as you can see below.

1 Jakub Kasprzak from Polen (to the right) congratulates  5 y o Antigua (By Archipenko)

2 Paull Khan hands over prizes to the Danish 3 y o Sir Herman (by Zoffany)

Antigua 1863-X3

Sir Herman 1827-X3

We also bring you a picture from the National Day racing at the Royal Park in the center of Stockholm at June 6th. 55 000 thousand people had picknicks, listened to music and above all followed six horse races (and two pony races) with great intense.

NatGalopp 6520-S


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