Welcome Greece

The Secretary General of EMHF (European and Mediterranean Horseracing Federation), Mr Paull Khan, has visited Greece and the racecourse in Athens. He was invited by the Greek Jockey Club which wants to be a member of EMHF.

Paull Khan’s report is very positive. He thinks that Greek racing is on its way to recover after some very dark years, not only caused by the economic difficulties. So he advises the members of EMHF to welcome Greece as a new member.

And the members have said to the Greek application, which is good news.

I have been following Greek racing for many years. As Paull says in his report Greece attended the inaugeral meeting of EMHF’s predecessor, ERDC (European Racing Development Conference (not Committee as the report says). It was represented by Mrs Aspassia Rassi, who is still involved in Greek racing, now as vice president of the Jockey Club.

The first ERDC meeting took place 2000 in Stockholm. Just a month earlier Greece was host for an EMSBLIC meeting (the stud book organisation), that took place in Olympia. It was the first European Stud Book meeting that was arranged outside France. It was very well organised and attended.

Before the EMSBLIC meeting we were able to watch horse racing at the old race course, just 1300 metres long with tight bends. I sincerely hope that the new one is better. At least the former Swedish jockey champion Fredrik Johansson said so. He rode some winners about ten years ago at the Greek racecourse and he should know.



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