The Bishop who loves horseracing


This blog doesn’t often start with a picture of a bishop (or rather Bishop Emerita), but the other day I attended a funeral of an old  friend. First when the priest started speaking I recognized the voice of Christina Odenberg (on the picture).

I have heard the voice many times when it’s time to say goodbye to someone in the racing fraternity, but this was one of my friends outside racing, so I was a little surprised, but it gave me time to talk racing at the memorial gathering afterwards with the ex bishop, as many times before.

When Christina Odenberg became bishop in Lund in the south of Sweden, she was one of the first female bishops in  Sweden. I am convinced that she is the only bishop in the world that has been a keen amateur rider. She was the leading female rider in Sweden both in 1956 and 1957 (with 3 and 4 wins) and after some absence from racing again best female rider in 1979 (4 wins).

She has also been permit holder as trainer and a lot of horses have raced in her silks, blue with a red sash and white cap. In 2016 both her horses, Momo Barone and Negroamare, have been succesful at the racecourse.

So, bishop, amateur jockey, trainer and owner. But that is not enough. Se has also been board member at Täby Galopp and was chairman of the Old Swedish Jockey Club between 2009 and 2016.

Indeed a remarkable woman and an Icon for Swedish horseracing.


Chr Odenberg

Christina Odenberg (3rd from left) and trainer Francisco Castro (2nd fr left) and Momo Barone after a victory at Jägersro.

Odenberg, eklund, Bernadotte

As chairman of the Jockey Club Christina Odenberg supervices the ceremony when King Charles XII recieves the club’s jubilee book from the author.



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